The CIRCOR difference

The CIRCOR difference

CIRCOR Energy is a global manufacturer of highly engineered valve and pipeline products that continuously develops precision technologies to improve our customers' ability to control the flow of the world's natural resources, from sub-sea to land, and in severe environments.

And in the highly competitive markets we serve, it is our approach to providing customized, integrated solutions that separates us from all others.

Regardless of project or customer need, we focus solely on the art of continuous improvement, and therefore only create the technologies and services that will fundamentally advance, and generate successful, tangible benefits, for our customers, our industry, our global infrastructure, our businesses, and for our own selves.

To achieve our goals, we:

•  Adhere to the guiding strategies as set forth by our proven CIRCOR Business System
•  Maintain our unique culture of operational excellence, responsibility, ingenuity and performance
•  Focus on exceeding customer expectations at every level
•  Maintain operational flexibility that will allow us to efficiently align our processes with our customers'
•  Remain committed to our core competencie

Continuously Improving: Product & Service Performance

For over 60 years, CIRCOR Energy and its brands have been delivering customer-focused, highly engineered solutions for the world's most demanding energy applications – with an emphasis on the upstream oil and gas, midstream oil and gas, and petrochemical processing industries.

Specializing in valves and pipeline solutions, Circor Energy offers our customers:

•  A comprehensive portfolio of thousands of products, from actuators to ultrasonic metering skids
•  Custom design and engineering services
•  A culture of continuous improvement that demands excellence in product performance, reliability and durability

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