Satisfying the Customers, no matter what it takes
More than just providing exceptional customer service and sales presence around the world, “customer focus” is PIBIVIESSE’s 360-degree approach to managing the relationship with our customer.
Our goal is to become a true partner to every person involved in a project and go above and beyond simply delivering a project on time and on budget.
The net result we want to achieve is providing the means for our customers to grow their company more effectively than ever before.

Sales Support
“From quotation to field service”: this simple sentence means that  PIBIVIESSE commitment is to provide its Clients with products of the highest quality, on-time, at competitive price. 
Customer satisfaction is our main objective and the same high level of attention is given for any phase of the product life, from quotation to field service.
The PIBIVIESSE Sales Organization has Customer dedicated Teams to better serve and meet Clients needs.
Within the Sales Organization a strong Application Engineering Team can support and suggest any Project requirement, from the early development stage through the execution.

Project management
Upon receipt of an Order, the PIBIVIESSE Contract Management team is there to work in close  co-operation with the client and ensures that each project is accurately defined and planned, since the early stages, and that the plan is continually tracked during all the design, production, assembly and testing phases.
By understanding the Customer needs and expectations, the Contract Management Team, in coordination with Engineering and Operations Departments, will be able to find the best solution for any issue or problem which may arise during the Project execution, with the aim to meet the product quality and the delivery time that satisfy the Project requirements.

Design & Flow control capabilities
PIBIVIESSE is committed to manufacture and continuously develop best in class on-off and control valves, to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the energy and process industries.
We have in-house Engineering and Design capability to manufacture safe, reliable and state-of-the-art  products.
We have developed a number of products and systems for which we maintain intellectual  property rights and patents. 
PIBIVIESSE ball  valves  are designed  in accordance  with the most common industry standards (e.g. API 6D/6A, ASME VIII Div.2, ASME B16.34, BS 5351, etc)
and is available to develop specific design for critical  applications  using other design standards and  Finite Element Analysis.

Research & Development

PIBIVIESSE has an internal Research and Development Deparment which, using the most up-to-date technology, can support the Customers in any special requirements which they may have or in developing and upgrading day by day the PIBIVIESSE products. When Research and Development requires extra competences, PIBIVIESSE works in cooperation with external research centers and universities, such as the Politecnico di Milano, to carry out special projects on materials, calculations and on valve’s behaviour in critical conditions.
> SimOne TM
SimOne is one of the development carried out in cooperation with the Politecnico of Milan. Pibiviesse remain the proprietary of SimOne, a simulation program for control valve sizing and valve behavior prediction. This software has been developed based not only on calculation equations, but also on Pibiviesse’s experience on the field and on results obtained in the PIBIVIESSE TestOne Flow Lab.
> Liquid Flow Lab
With the aim of testing the experimental characterization of control valves, a test facility, named TestOne, has been installed at Pibiviesse. It is a flow loop, designed as per ISARP75.23-1995 norm, that allows Pibiviesse to make experimental measurements on valves.
This facility has been created with the cooperation of the Politecnico di Milano University. The loop is made by a tank containing water and glycol (about 30%), a centrifugal pump with variable frequency of rotation (from 20 Hz up to 45 Hz) and a drain valve (a full bore type) situated immediately upstream the tank and downstream the tested valve.

Varying both, the frequency of rotation of the pump, and the travel rate of the drain valve, it is possible to change the boundary conditions of the tests. The choice to use a vertical configuration and to place the test valves on the top side of the loop makes easier to reach the cavitation conditions. We developed a new Air Flow Lab, to study the complex phenomenons of control valves with compressible fluids.

Loop Functional Features:

Pump Caracteristic
> Maximum Allowable
> Frequency: 45 Hz
> Maximum Head: 80 meters
Available Measures:
> Flow rate
> Pressure
> Temperature
> Acceleration
> Sound Pressure Level