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Fully Welded

Fully Welded
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Fully Welded


Pibiviesse Fully Welded ball valves are manufactured in a wide range of diameters and pressure classes.
Fully Welded valves are specified for transmission pipelines, pumping and compression units. Fully Welded valves can be supplied in the configuration with bolted or welded bonnet.
Fully Welded body construction allows the use of forged materials in the various grades of carbon steel complying with the most severe service conditions.

Model > W
Size > 6” through 56”
Classes > 150 through 900
Temperature > -50 °C to 200 °C

Design & Features

> Welded construction
> Trunnion mounted ball
> Triple barrier stem seals
> Anti-Blow Out stem design
> Stem separated from the ball
> Bearing blocks adsorbing the pressure load on the ball
> Single or Double piston effect sealing barrier in both directions
> Built in grease & sealant injection system for emergency stem and seat seal
> Self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washer reducing torque and to extend service life
> Body thickness in accordance with ASME B16.34
> Plastic polymer insert, O-Ring or Metal to metal seat sealing
> Inconel 625 or 316 overlay on sealing areas or on all wetted areas when required
> Integral stop in the adapter plate for a permanent reference of open and closed position
> Antistatic device
> Double Block and Bleed