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PIBIVIESSE was established in 1981 by three partners, combining the forgemaster expertise with the experience in valve design, manufacturing and marketing.


In 1985 and 1989 PIBIVIESSE carried out a series of acquisitions of companies with a long experience in machining ball valve components, in order to expand manufacturing capacity.


In 1994 Watts Industries Inc. acquired PIBIVIESSE and the new plant of more than 12,000 sq m (132,000 sq ft) covered area was built in Nerviano, about 20 km north-west of Milan, where the head office and main production activities were transferred.


A new building of further 3,400 sq m (38,000 sq ft) was added in 1997, to increase capacity for heavy duty machining and valve assembly.In 1999 CIRCOR International Inc, actual Pibiviesse parent company, was spun-off from Watts Ind.


A second generation of proprietary technology valves has been introduced in 2000, called Cageball™. These revolutionary control valves, designed for extremely difficult working conditions, did set a step change not only in Pibiviesse but also in the flow control markets, allowing combinations of valves sizes and flow conditions well beyond industry standards.

Designed to perform, built to last.


PIBIVIESSE pursues operational excellence every day through the alignment of people, processes and technology, and drives superior results through the pursuit of repeatable, reliable and lean processes that focus on continuous improvement. Our only goal is to fundamentally advance, and generate successful, tangible benefits for our customers, our industry and our global infrastructure. Guided by a global leadership team with deep industry experience and records of accomplishment at every level, we will exceed customer expectations as we continue to:

  • Create industry benchmarks in performance, productivity and reliability
  • Maintain operational flexibility to allow us to efficiently align our processes with our customers’
  • Remain committed to our core competencies
  • Foster an open, non-bureaucratic environment that promotes personal initiative, and inspires a commitment to excellence that supports our vision and values
  • Provide dedicated and continuing training and education to our employees and interested customers
  • Take personal responsibility and accountability in all aspects of our lives

We are applying Lean and Six Sigma techniques to non-manufacturing processes as well, improving administrative and supply chain processes to significantly enhance our customers’ operational capabilities.

We want to enhance our customers’ operational capabilities

Operational Excellence


Our sub-suppliers’ quality is just as important as our own. This means that their quality, and the work they do to improve the level of quality still further, is also a matter of concern to us. We therefore aim to establish long-term and close partnerships with our sub-suppliers. We like to think to our sub-suppliers as partners with a joint aim, nevertheless their performances are monitored and recorded on a regular basis that, combined with our frequent audits, give us the guidelines to enhance and grow the overall products quality and reliability.


In-house machining capacity reaches 60” in turning, milling and boring and 72” ball turning and grinding. All these operations are carried out by means of very-high precision machinery and skilled operators, to guarantee the design tolerances required by highly enginnered valves. Continuous attention is dedicated to maintain equipment and machinery at the maximum efficiency level, and the personnel is continuously trained and motivated to obtain the maximum precision and best quality needed for our products.

Welding & Cladding

Cladding capability can count on four “state of the art” automatic units, able to cover most of the PIBIVIESSE production with the ultimate control technology. High productivity and consistent quality of the output make this equipment the jewel in the crown of our manufacturing processes. Welding is another qualifying step of our manufacturing process. Pibiviesse capability covers a large spectrum of valves types, from side entry ball valve to fully welded, from top entry ball to control ball valve, always granting the quality and integrity of welding overlay. On welding overlay activities, PIBIVIESSE is able to manage different types of corrosion-resistant alloys and hard-facing materials, considering the application, the nature and temperature of the fluid/gas to be processed. The principal materials are AISI 316L, INCONEL 625, Duplex F51 and Super Duplex F53, including special materials Stellite 6 and Hastelloy C276. For full penetration joints, PIBIVIESSE produces not only standard butt weld joints, in compliance with the main international code (ASME VIII. B31.3, etc), but also special assembly details such as “narrow-gap” profile, to ensure welding of thick materials (up to 300mm). The welding material involved in these activities are not only carbon and low alloy steel, but also dissimilar material composed by AISI 316, carbon steel and INCONEL 625. All welding activities are qualified with or without PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment), based on project specification, but always in compliance with the main international standard codes (ASME IX and EN 15614-1 & 15614-7) and with the Major Customers specifications. PIBIVIESSE is qualified to use automatic, machine processes, such as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), ESW (Electro Slag Welding), SAW (Submerged Arc weld), manual process GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), for both weld overlay activities and full penetration joints. Our welding processes produce minimum heat input, in order to protect the metallurgical properties of the base material from alteration.