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Quality assurance system



PIBIVIESSE is particularly dedicated to ensure the quality of its products and processes. A Total Quality Management System is in place and certified since 1990, in accordance with the latest edition of ISO 9001 standard and since 2017 with the API Q1 standard. PIBIVIESSE has been authorized to use API monograms and to manufacture its products with CE logo in accordance with the directive above mentioned. The full production range is therefore available with CE marking and ATEX certificate of conformity.

PIBIVIESSE defines and issues a dedicated Quality Control Plan for each Order. This document provides the written set of procedures and quality controls that PIBIVIESSE is going to deliver to meet customer’s expectations. The Quality Control Plan also identifies the organization and the team that will be responsible for quality controls, the specific procedures to be used, the quality assurance measures and the required documentation. Some of the controls that are normally included in the plan are:

  • Visual and Dimensional checks on Incoming materials
  • Non-destructive Tests on Incoming materials
  • Issue of N.C.R. on inspected materials and items
  • Check of sub-contractor’s certificates
  • External audits and visit to sub-contractor

PIBIVIESSE provides all available non-destructive tests on Valves and components, according to major applicable standards (i.e. Dye Penetrant, Magnetic particles, X and Gamma ray, Ultrasonic, PMI Analysis, Hydrostatic and pneumatic, Stem torque, Visual and dimensional, Hardness, High pressure gas test). Other additional non-destructive or destructive examinations may be performed to customer requirements or specifications.

We aim to quality & continuous improvement

The Lean Journey

PIBIVIESSE drives superior results through the pursuit of repeatable, reliable and lean processes that focus on continuous improvement. PIBIVIESSE is implementing a Business System, whose pillars are:

  • Building a results-driven leadership and continuous improvement culture
  • Eliminating waste across the company (cost, quality, time, resource, space)
  • Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma for speed, flexibility and efficiency
  • Delivering better performance to customers, enabling PIBIVIESSE to take market share

In the first few years, our goal has been two-fold: first, develop a talented leadership engine to take PIBIVIESSE to higher levels of operational performance and second teach employees how to continually improve their work processes.


More recently, Pibiviesse started applying these techniques to non-manufacturing processes as well, improving administrative and supply chain processes to significantly enhance our competitive advantage and take market share. Although Pibiviesse is in the early stages of its lean journey, we have gained significant wins shortening lead times and improving delivery performance to customers, enhancing the quality of our products and improving the work environment for our employees.



References & Approvals



PIBIVIESSE has been audited and approved by many of the major worldwide Engineering Companies, Contractors, Oil Companies, Oil and Gas Pipeline Authorities and is supplying valves for many different and demanding service conditions for off-shore and onshore applications. Please contact our offices for specific references and approvals.