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PIBIVIESSE can count on a worldwide presence to guarantee all of his customers a professional, competent and quick response to any site request.

PIBIVIESSE’s Authorized Repair Workshops are qualified companies that have been selected in various areas of the world to work on our products and their valve technicians have been trained on PIBIVIESSE products.
The Personnel of our repair workshops are qualified engineers with proven field experience and fully trained on our products.

After Sales Support

Even if quality is normally associated with the characteristics of our products, our commitment to quality does not end with the delivery, wherever in the world.
As PIBIVIESSE sees it, quality is a responsibility throughout the life of our products which also includes the transfer of experience, service and the supply of spare parts to our After Sales Partners in the
world. To ensure that this is the case, we are constantly training our staff in every area of the world, to act as support and problem-solvers for our customers.

A world of services

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fax Via Bergamina, 24 20014 NERVIANO (Milano) ITALY
phone +39 0331 408711
fax +39 0331 408800
mail enquiries@pibiviesse.com

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