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Control Valves

PIBIVIESSE Axial Rotary control ball valves are developed with the proprietary CAGEBALL TM technology, in accordance to International Standard ISA S75, IEC 534.
The ball has an integrated patented Cage trim to eliminate or minimize the hydro or aerodynamic flow control disturbances. The Cage is designed to meet the Project requirements with a number of attenuating plates to divide the pressure drop in stages and reduce the noise generated by the pressure regulation.
The attenuating plates are an integral part of a replaceable cartridge and are specifically designed to obtain a number of significant control advantages, such as reduction of noise, high frequency vibrations and cavitation. This advanced trim allows a bidirectional control of the flow.


All Cage Trims are inserted into the PIBIVIESSE High Performance trunnion mounted ball valves. Thus, all Design Features and field proven valve reliability remain as standard.

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Design & Features

CAGEBALL™ control ball valves are particularly recommended any time that noise reduction, cavitation control, erosion, hydrate formation, plugging and clogging risk are present or handling of very large flow rates is a challenge for conventional valves.
Another important feature is the large rangeability. One valve can perform the duty of two or even three conventional control valves. The potential savings of building only one single control loop is huge.
These control valves product lines can be further personalized with: Integrated down stream Flow Restrictor, Special silencer or Hyper Silencer trim.
The Hyper-Cage trim is also available; this design combines the high efficiency of the multistage type trim with the Cv of a conventional ball valve allowing, if needed the pigging of the pipeline.

Designed to perform, built to last.

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