Inspection and Testing

Proven ability to create bundled solutions

Fully Operational Facilities with in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities allowing 100% control over the production process. Controlled and monitored internal / external processes through implemented KPI’s ensuring adherence to project schedule and timely order execution.

Strong engineering know-how and vast track reference record ensuring a proven quality product. Optimized sourcing through Global Supply Chain structure allowing to pass competitive cost and shorter lead time benefits to our Customers.

Project Management

In PIBIVIESSE each single order is managed by the Project Management Office. Each project is accurately defined and planned, since the early stages, in co-operation with Engineering and Operations Departments.

During the project execution the schedule is constantly tracked through the design, production, assembly, and testing phases in order to meet Customer’s expectations in terms of quality and deliveries.

Inspection and Testing
Inspection and Testing

PIBIVIESSE Support: a worldwide service

Our commitment to quality does not end with the delivery, wherever in the world. PIBIVIESSE supply spare parts and replacement valves to support our customers in a timely manner. Furthermore we can count on a worldwide authorized valve repair and servicing workshops network to grant a professional, competent and quick response for any customer’s request.

The Personnel of our repair workshops are qualified engineers with proven field experience and fully trained on our products to act as a support and problem solvers.

EH&S is an absolute

PIBIVIESSE is committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers and the global communities where we operate. Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) is integral to our business and must be incorporated into everything we do.

There is no activity so important or urgent that it cannot be done in an appropriate, beneficial, and safe manner. By incorporating EH&S into our business model, PIBIVIESSE can offer high quality, cost-effective, reliable, safe, and innovative products and services while conserving resources for future generations.

Our bottom line is to always do what is right when it comes to protecting the environment and the health and welfare of our employees, suppliers, business partners and customers.

Inspection and Testing